27. May 2018

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The best workouts for your butt shape

It can’t be easier: below we have listed the adequate workouts according to your butt shape

You exercise regularly for a shaped butt, but no results after all? Maybe you are doing the wrong exercises! Specifically, for every kind of butt shape, there are these basic ones: square, round, heart and triangular. For any of these shapes, there is a special physical activity that matters.

If you have a square butt shape, do the following exercise:

  • Stand tall with feet resting parallel and hip-width apart, and then lower into a deep squat, sending your hips back toward the ground behind you. Your palms should be parallel with your shoulders and your knees with hips.
  • As you return to the top, lift your leg out to the side with a flexed foot.
  • Repeat 10 times on one leg, and then switch to complete both side-leg exercises on the other leg.

If you have a triangle butt shape, do the following exercises:

  • Stand straight holding weights on the thigh.
  • Stand with your chest up and open, shoulders rolled down and back and feet hip-width apart.
  • Hold a heavy dumbbell in each hand as you squat down and up, always coming to a 90-degree bend in the legs.
  • Keep about one second and then turn back to its original position. Repeat 20 times.

If you have a round butt shape, do the following exercise:

  • Stand bent over with a flat back, legs stacked under your hips and one forearm resting on the chair with the shoulder directly over the elbow.
  • Place the opposite hand on your hip. With your foot flexed, lift that leg up to hip height. Then keeping your leg at the same height, send it back straight behind you.
  • Lower your working leg and repeat. Hold 5 seconds and repeat to its original position. Repeat 20 times.

If you have a heart butt shape, do the following exercise carrying weights:

  • Stand straight with legs enhanced a little more than your shoulder width. By holding weights, raise your hands towards the chest.
  • Move weights on the right leg, push the hip and extend the leg behind your left leg making sure that the left foot is not lifted on the floor.
  • While the right foot should be almost perpendicular to the floor.
  • Then move the weight on the left leg and do the same exercise. Repeat the exercise 10 times with each leg.


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