27. May 2018

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The 5 important things about sperm that every woman should know

Semen, known as sperm, sometimes as a dense milk, is as mysterious as black matter. You have heard various myths about sperm such as if you stand in the bath tub with hot water where someone has poured semen, you may become pregnant, or become sterile if you cross the mountains and many other myths. But, are they really true or just simply tales told by women in the past? Abraham Morgentaler, author of “The Truth About Men and Sex”, professor of urology at Harvard Medical School, differed some important things about sperm.

Sperm is not the longest-running body fluid

Sperm is not as resistant to bacteria and other germs. They die quickly if you are exposed in cold, very hot, due to changes in Ph or chemicals, such as chlorine in the pool.

Stay away from sex in hot bathtub

Male fertility can be somewhat delicate. For this reason, i tell my patients that are interested in fertility to live clean and stay fresh all the time, says Dr. Morentaler. He cites evidence of marijuana, alcohol and smoking appear as reducing male fertility. To stay “fresh” means that if men stay in a hot bath tub, regularly may lower the amount of sperm. We know showers are fine, but staying for too long in the tub is not preferred, explains Morgentaler.

No, swallowing sperm is not particularly good for you

Semen contains proteins and sugars that act as a source of energy that allows the sperm to swim. So, do not believe that we will ever see any mix of proteins made from sperm that we use during workouts, says Dr. Morgentaler. So, there is no reason to swallow the sperm or to spread over the face, although it may sound exciting.

Eating pineapples won’t make his sperm taste better

Some foods change clearly smell of urine. The best example is asparagus, says Morgentaler. However, I’m not aware that there may be a certain food that can change the taste of semen. While some people insist eating pineapple makes a man’s sperm taste better, there isn’t any scientific proof of this. So do not bother your partner by pushing him to eat pineapple with a pretext to taste better before sex. It may be just a placebo effect!

If you try to get pregnant, do not have sex frequently, while he has prescription of medicaments for enlarged prostate

Most of the fluid in semen comes from glands called seminal vesicles, with the rest coming from the prostate, says Dr. Morgentaler. The ejaculation fluid volume is being reduced when a male dehydrate or if he has ejaculated within a few hours ago. There are also some medication that reduce the amount of fluids, especially those used to treat symptoms of enlarged prostate (for example, frequent or slow urination). Low levels of testosterone can reduce fertility and sperm quantity. Of course, if you are worried about his sperm, ask him to check on a doctor.


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