27. May 2018

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Men’s 10 favorite sexual fantasies

You can enjoy sex experiments in your bedroom through sex games and ideas that both you and your partner fantasizes about. These games encourages you to use your imagination! Men appreciate a lot your hidden aspects of your personality and get horny about weird fantasies. Men and women have their secret fantasies and when it comes to making them true, you will reach intense intimacy and great sex.

We bring you some of the scenarios that men fantasize and certainly want to accomplish them:

  1. Threesomes

Many women find it a disgusting idea that they should share their bed with any other woman. In fact, this idea is rarely achieved with agreement. Men really like the idea of threesome sex, being with two women adoring their bodies at the same time. However, this is an imagination, fantasy and pleasure in thinking how sex would be in threesomes.

  1. Paid sex

The first thing that comes to your mind is being surprised! You may be afraid of any sexual transmitted disease, but once you eliminate the risks, the idea of paying a sex profesional to satisfy your personal needs and desires, make you accept the offer.

  1. Women that can’t be possessed

There are taboo topics tha are probably better not be ever mentioned. Men and women are sometimes attracted by people who they can’t have or possess them. For men, it can be sex with your sister, colleague and for women, it can be having sex with the boss, colleagues… This has nothing to do with your personality, but it’s simply an imagination without limits.

  1. Striptease

To be realistic, female body is very seductive and powerful. No matter the size or shape, women with self-confidence and a great charm, can give a phenomenal striptease play. We must admitt that every men fantasize about this. They want to see you in different ways, no matter how you look, they are greatful for seducing them.

  1. Wild sex

Each men have fantasies trying a game of wild animal and sex with lust and passion. Be free, have no limit and make something weird feeling each mouth, teeth, crawl over each other and make the game stop breathing you.

  1. Sex with a stranger

It is a kind of fantasy that include a stranger in your sexual desires. You can make role plays being someone else, for example wearing glasses as a secretary, a teacher or something else – whatever you can be transformed except being yourself!

  1. Policewoman

Men are very excited about woman wearing a specific uniform. Why not try bying a policewoman costume and all the necessary equipment? Have fun, imagine sexy scenarios and play the game.

  1. Sex with super heroes

Surely there is no person who has never fantasized about his/her favorite super hero. Provocative and sexy dresses may impact a lot in your fantasies, for example, female cat, Lara Croft etc.

  1. Domination

Sometimes S/M can be misunderstood, and domination should never be synonymous with this sexual game. Only closeness with your partner and full faith on him can make these games funny and interesting.

  1. Desire, desire

It is a known fact that men like to watch pornographic movies. Suggest him any kind and watch together. Discuss, enjoy and discover new things and ideas.




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