27. May 2018

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Is it safe to have sex during your period?

Temperatures rises around you, your partner is ready for action, but you’re on your period. And, what should you do? Experts confirm “Just go ahead”!

Sex during your period can bring you much more pleasure, and you can have stronger and longer orgasms. However, regardless positive sides, your mood may be disturbed because of the fact that maybe your parnter may not like this idea. We will advise you how to be prepared iniciating a conversation about this.

Some women feel a great wild libido on these days of periods. This happens due to several factors, one of them is the increase of blood pressure in the genital region.

The body does not know the difference between menstrual blood and natural lubrification, so it reacts in the same way as if you are ready for sex. In addition, your uterus become contractile, it opens easily and is very sensitive, and so the sense of touch during these days is very strong.

This combination leads women to orgasm more intense, and it serves as a natural remedy against tightenings, since it relieves pelvic muscles. Initiating a conversation of this topic with your partner can make you nervous. But, don’t worry because almost every men just want to have sex.

When your libido rises among you, just let your partner know that you’re in your period and must be sensible, and then see his reaction. If there is nothing wrong and if none of you do not have anything against, proceed with intimacy. Just a little advise, avoid misionary position, because when you’re on gravity never goes in your favor.



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